World & Local Missions

At Cathedral Church, our mission is to fulfill Jesus’ calling to “go into all the world to make disciples of every nation.” We seek out and empower missionaries who are making disciples within the United States and around the world. Currently, we support 60 foreign and domestic missionaries. Our vision is to cultivate future missionaries who have a passion to bring the presence of God into cultures and communities around the world. On the first Sunday of every month we take the opportunity to highlight a missionary or ministry we support. We also give opportunities for church members to go on short-term missions trips throughout the year.

Cathedral supports 33 world and 27 local totaling 60 global missionaries and ministries. These missionaries and ministries are supported on a monthly basis. Missionaries depend on individuals and churches to help support their ministry either monthly or yearly.


For more information contact:

Stephen & Jenilee Samuel

409.892.8475 x 2247


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