Beaumont Revival School of Ministry (BRSM)


BRSM is ministry training designed to move you forward in your personal growth and relationship with Jesus. Individuals will become better equipped to influence their community with the message and power of the gospel as they grow in this ten-month course. Under the teaching of local pastors, church leaders, and nationally known ministers, you will receive practical and impactful principles to shape your life and the ministry God has called you to fulfill.


BRSM is designed for every follower of Jesus who is searching for the tools to advance in their destiny. Beginners will discover the fundamental and powerful principles of their identity in Christ and Christian doctrines.

Those who have been following Jesus for a few years will learn to navigate through many of the common challenges of the faith. From the topics of prophetic ministry, healing, and demonic deliverance to discussions on apologetics, church doctrines and the challenges of modern day heresies, each class will be packed with teachings from experienced pastors and leaders.

Even those who have been following Jesus for decades can benefit from the particular emphasis on making disciples, supernatural evangelism and addressing the needs of our culture.

Our hope is that BRSM will serve as a gateway to move you forward into your God-given passion and ministry.


Class will be held on Sundays at 5:00- 8:00pm at Cathedral Church

Each class will begin with a time of worship and ministry. In addition to this, students will have 2-3 sessions of teaching with a break between each session. Following the time of teaching, students who are present in our classroom will have a time of activation while online students will be directed to various activities for each week.

Our hope is to develop a classroom community and discussion, which means that from week to week we will facilitate small group discussions.


BRSM will begin on August 12, 2018 and graduation is on May 19, 2019. Listed below are the important dates to remember. To be eligible for graduation all courses, books, and homework must be completed. However, if you desire to only enroll for one or more courses they are available.

For more information contact:

Stephen & Jenilee Samuel

409.892.8475 x 2247

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