CATHEDRAL CHURCH has been called to be a “Lampstand Church” in the Southeast Texas Region. We believe God has called us to make disciples who will build and extend His kingdom throughout our community and around the world. Here are some core statements about the culture and vision of our house:


We value the presence of God, being led by the Spirit of God, to carry out the Great Commission of God to Beaumont and to the world. When we gather together, our focus is on who He is and what He wants to do. We want to do our best to become sensitive and yield to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our services as well as our daily lives. We believe worship (both individually and corporately) facilitates an atmosphere of honoring and hosting the presence of God which creates an open heaven for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done.


The culture of our house is one of passing the baton of the Gospel from generation to generation. We value fathering and mentoring and encourage every member to be actively involved in discipling others (a great way of doing this would be to engage in our Life Development Ministry). Additionally, Cathedral’s mission is to serve other churches and ministries within our sphere of influence (our community, our region, and the nations of the world). Our desire is to establish this Kingdom culture region wide, benefitting the local body of Christ. We often provide training and developmental resources to leaders, churches, and individuals in our area. Because of this, many churches look to us to set the pace for regional transformation. Being a Lampstand Church and an Apostolic Center means that we get to do all the things a normal church does, and then some. We believe God has called us to adhere to the biblical model of the Five Fold Ministry. We understand that God works through delegated authority and that the Church is healthiest when people understand their God given authority, roles, and callings. We are a house that believes in calling things that are not as though they are, and launching people into their God-given destiny.


We are contending for a regional and national revival that produces a spiritual awakening in our community, state, and nation. Prayer, worship, and releasing the prophetic word from the Lord are all vital components of revival. Even now we are seeing the signs of revival coming to our city. We stand firm and continue on, praying “His kingdom come to earth!”