Our Genesis began in 1918 with home meetings led by Rev. Edgar Ellison which developed into a storefront church on Buford Street. In 1922, calling themselves the “Pentecostal Church”, an independent non-denominational fellowship of believers, the congregation built a meeting hall on the corner of Atlanta and Prairie Streets.


Itinerant evangelist, Sister Nataline Dawson, led the church until 1931.  During her ministry, the church changed its name to the “Full Gospel Tabernacle” and relocated to Pearl Street.  Rev. George Hayes began pastoring in 1931, and in 1933 the church affiliated with The Assemblies of God and changed their name to the First Assembly of God Church.  Rev. Harvey Anderson pastored 1933 to 1935, and during this time the church relocated to Avenue A and Wall Streets.  Sister Nataline Dawson returned to lead the congregation until 1941.  During WW2, the church was pastored by Rev. Martin Davidson, Rev. B. L. Green and Rev. Allen Mallory.

1948 to 1970

Rev. Charles Oldenburg pastored the First Assembly of God Church for almost a decade, and in 1949 they dedicated their new brick “modern” church at the corner of Oakland and Harrison Streets. Rev. Bob Willis and Pastor Owen Carr pastored from 1957 to 1968. In 1967, the congregation moved to a 2-year temporary location at the OCAW Union Hall on 11th Street, awaiting their move to the present location. In 1968, Rev. Roy Hathern began his 3-year ministry.


In 1970 the new sanctuary was dedicated on Eastex Freeway. In 1971, the church’s name was changed to “Cathedral in the Pines Christian Center” and was pastored by Pastor Delmar Dabney. Cathedral Day Care was established in 1973, followed by Cathedral Christian School. In May of 1979, the entire church building was destroyed by fire as well as part of the school property. During construction of the Family Life Center, the congregation met at Austin Jr. High School auditorium until June of 1980. The new Cathedral in the Pines Christian Center was dedicated in 1986.

1990 to 2000

Following the death of Pastor Dabney in November 1994, Pastor Richard McPherson served as senior pastor until 1998. The Delmar Dabney Center was dedicated in 1998 on the high school campus on Hwy. 105. Pastor Everett Forner and Pastor Dwain Kitchens pastored the church from 1998 to 2005.


Randy and Suzann Feldschau returned to their home of Southeast Texas upon accepting the Senior Pastorate of Cathedral Church on Sunday, April 30, 2006. They continue with the vision of Cathedral Church that began in 1918 at its present location of 2350 Eastex Freeway in Beaumont, Texas.